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Tirumala Services offer convenient and secure Valet parking services to our customers in Bangalore to eliminate time wastage in transfers. We are the most reliable and effective Valet parking service providers in Bangalore. Our Valet parking services connects itself with all the prestigious and high profile clients committing excellent services by following high international standards adequately. With a team of dedicated reliable and professionals, Valet parking Management is considered to be the best in the Traffic Management Services


  • Tirumala Services have the best and highly qualified team of professionals. The team is equipped with proper training in the company.
  • We provide 24/7 services to our clients. This ensures that we aren’t absent when the customer expects our services.
  • We are the best industry in terms of providing services with the high international standards. We ensure quality, maintenance of health and hygiene, professionalism in terms of communication and professional drivers.
  • Tirumala Services are a client-service orientation company. Air aim is to serve our clients to the entire extent of satisfaction. We aim to exceed the clients’ expectations through our services.
  • The client comes back for our services again and again. When the client has had such an incredible experience and comfortable travel, he tends to choose us again and again to get the high quality services. This has turned out to be our biggest strengths.


  • One of the Best Valet Service Providers in Bangalore
  • Adapt to any parking situation
  • Highly Professional & Reliable Valet Drivers
  • Maintain a highly trained and loyal staff
  • Continually exceed expectations

Tirumala Services offers valet parking Management services for a wide variety of businesses including:

  • Valet Parking Service for Restaurants
  • Valet Parking Service for Hotels
  • Valet Parking Service for Hospitals
  • Valet Parking Service for Resorts
  • Valet Parking Service for Malls
  • Valet Parking Service for Night Clubs
  • Valet Parking Service for Reception
  • Valet Parking Service for Corporate Offices
  • Valet Parking Service for Country Clubs
  • Valet Parking Service for Special Events

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